Cooking Games: Making Cooking Fun for Kids

Web based amusements these days produce blended responses among those in the public arena who are up to date. Beyond any doubt they are fun, yet some say not as much in the last investigation, when contrasted with genuine amusements. A few people are cheerful since internet amusements are a different take to put into remunerating oneself in the wake of a monotonous day. Others are watching out for what the substance of these amusements may at last prompt. A huge number of grown-ups and teenagers are presently keeping tab on internet diversions. Some sign on the web from their desktops or their portable workstations, and speeding along Internet lines, surf on activity recreations, confound diversions, and numerous different amusements. One veteran sort of web based diversions we will discuss now is cooking amusements.

First off, children when all is said in done appear to be attracted to nourishment recreations as a fun movement; young ladies administer here, more often than not quietly focusing on something while the young men are as of now mysteriously absent. In any case, there’s another punch now to figuring out how to cook with the internet cooking amusements accessible to kids. The web today contains several sites exceptionally set up to indicate just cooking diversions, and with many formulas, at that. In the event that you need to look at any of these locales, take a stab at googling barbecue amusements and chances are each of the 20 results are simply about cooking. At the heart of these diversions are tips and guidance how to comprehend the planning of various sorts of sustenances. As they play, they will likewise get actualities about the numerous fixings that go into nourishment, how imperative these fixings are and how that sustenance helps us. Who knows, they may begin having doubts around a specific sustenance they have been abstaining from eating for so long.

To help them take in more and speedier, why not go with your youngster amid these web based cooking amusements? You can accomplish quality time in addition to learning in only one go. Furthermore, your tyke is said to take a shot at his or her eye-hand coordination aptitudes as well. Look out how any of your fastidious eaters may begin needing to find out about the distinctive meats, leafy foods vegetables.

The Internet, once the first class home military specialists and PC researchers, is currently a limitless parkway that helps millions worldwide to acquire their living and swap vital data. The Internet is additionally a fun place that by and by is far more fun when your friends and family surf it together with a regulating grown-up like you. On the off chance that your child is sharp in cooking amusements, you can undoubtedly play cooking diversions with no issue. As simple as a pie with no set up expenses, enlistment charges or fields to top off, basically discover a site which offers cooking recreations. Learn first yourself how it can be played and you might need to play it onwards together with your youngster. Dispatch into the universe of internet diversions and acquaint the same with your kid and see them getting a charge out of the same. Web based recreations are for entertainment only reason, as well as they help an awesome arrangement in teaching them too.

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Do Want To Find A Super Cooking Vacation?

A Cooking Vacation is among the top choice of destination for kitchen enthusiasts. No matter if your plan is to have a short break from your neighborhood, or to travel for few days, culinary tours allow you to explore, experience, and learn the unique cuisine of your chosen destination.

Among the outstanding destinations for cooking holidays are Spain, Greece, Italy, Paris, and Portugal. There are many benefits you can gain from cookery holidays.

Many people who love cooking can learn a lot from cooking classes held particularly for vacationers. Each cooking class is handled by seasoned local chefs in order that you understand and differentiate the taste of native cuisine.

You can also be assured of thorough guidance from the chefs because the cooking vacation is set up for limited seats. During the cooking class, you are given activities to test your lessons from the local chefs.

This can be a great way to win a friend. As you mingle with your chef instructors and classmates, you can build rapport with them, making your culinary tours memorable as you exchange ideas relevant to your cooking lessons, travels and many more.

Moreover, it allows you to showcase your skill in cookery. You can use your existing skills in cooking the best-tasting dish. If you are a newbie, this can be an excellent way to learn from the expert. Nobody is born great, even in cooking. It can be learned, and nothing beats the idea of learning from the great local chefs.

To make your cooking vacation something worth reminiscing, you need to consider few things. After you have determined the destination for your culinary tours, you need to know the best cooking schools of your destination. You can do a search on the web to find out the curriculum.

Know the type of cuisines being taught in every school so you will have an idea on what to expect from your cooking classes. Find out the schedule of the classes so you can organize your vacation itinerary.

At most, the cooking schools are accredited throughout the world and the chefs are equipped with necessary qualifications, experience, resources and skills to make you the best chef of your own kitchen or restaurant.

Although surfing their websites can be a good source of information, it will even be rewarding if you contact them to pose your queries. This is a good way to know about their customer service.

Ask them everything you need to know about their culinary, especially the enrollment process, requirements and the opening of cooking classes. Try to request special discounts.

Equally important in planning your cooking vacation is to qualify your cooking skills. You need a class and a chef that meets your level. If you are new in cooking, you need to select the classes for the amateur. To this class belongs hobbyists and novice.

However, if you are a professional, you need to have distinct cooking classes designed for professionals. There are also cooking schools that work closely with travel agency to make your cooking vacation worthwhile.

Cooking With Distilled Water

Do you view yourself as a normal cook, a great cook, an incredible cook or even a Master Chef?
Notwithstanding where your culinary abilities fall, I can demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to take it up a score, both your aptitudes and your belt.

So what’s the considerable mystery about refined? All things considered, there are a few reasons why the nature of your dishes will enhance by using refined water in their planning and particularly in case you’re as of now utilizing faucet water.

Cooking and Baking with Tap Water

Envision that you were going to heat new bread, for example, in the formula recorded beneath…

You have everything requirement for this errand sorted out and laid out on the kitchen counter. All of a sudden a complete more odd walks around and starts adding obscure fixings to the blending dish and takes off. You had seen a skull and cross bones name unmistakably showed on each one of the fixings. What might you think and how might you respond? Would you just overlook what you know, heat the bread and eat it? Those extra fixings are recorded in the formula beneath.

Crisp prepared Sour Dough Artisan Bread

1 glass warm water
1 pkg dynamic yeast
1 tsp salt
1-1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp shortening
ΒΌ glass milk
3 glasses flour Additional: Optional* Ingredients

arsenic to enhance
nitrates and pesticides
squeeze of pharmaceuticals
microorganisms, infections, pimples
universally handy chemicals
tsp substantial metals and lead
fold in 1 glass rotted plant and creature matter

chlorine to taste

sprinkle of THMs, HAAS, chlorite, bromate

So you wouldn’t eat the bread? Really, when you utilize the faucet water from any city water supply for any formula, you have to realize that those extra “discretionary” fixings will be included on the off chance that you utilize faucet water. So what is the point? In the event that you don’t need additional destructive, disease bringing about grossness added to your nourishments, set them up with refined, heating and cooking. You can really anticipate that the sustenance will taste more like it should.

Planning sustenance, heating and cooking utilizing refined enhances the nourishment’s flavor, and will even improve the presence of sustenance. With the virtue of refined water, and being a characteristic dissolvable, nitrates or pesticide buildup is easily flushed from vegetables and organic products.

When you utilize faucet water to reconstitute vegetable or organic product squeeze, the chlorine and different chemicals influence the flavor. In this, too, with espresso and tea… refined water is immaculate, unscented, and boring; so whatever you add to it, that is the main taste you encounter. Along these lines, for better tasting juices, espresso and tea, you will observe the taste to be extraordinarily improved utilizing refined water. Refined is what was initially expelled from the organic product to focus it, and there is nothing in refined to pervert the taste. You can really utilize additional water, get the same flavor, and make it go more distant.

The best tasting espresso on the planet originates from utilizing unadulterated, spotless, solid, bland refined water. Less tea and espresso are required when utilizing refined water on the grounds that the unadulterated water drains out a greater amount of the espresso and tea from the item, along these lines requiring less to get the same flavor. Refined diminishes the beverage’s expense by as much as 25% Even however it will be lighter, the abundance of flavor will be predominant; and a great deal to a lesser degree a sharp taste.

Better Ice Cubes

There is an exceptionally recognizable distinction in refined water ice shapes. They’re perfectly clear, as well as harder and last more since there is no inorganic matter to make it liquefy quicker.

Reconstituting Vegetable and Fruit Juices

At the point when concentrated leafy foods juices are reconstituted by utilizing refined, they taste new pressed, as well as you can include 20-25% more refined water and make it extend more remote and still hold the characteristic flavor. Since refined is so immaculate, whatever you put in it, that is the main flavor you will receive in return. This is on the grounds that there are no contaminants to change the flavor or science as there is in faucet water. It tastes much nearer to the first new item. It is additionally conceivable to extend the volume of your completed beverage by utilizing refined to reconstitute it.

Cooking Vegetables

Refined water won’t subject the vegetables to contaminants, instead of faucet water. Vegetables like potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower hold their regular splendid hues. Soups made with refined are amazingly more delicious.

Growing Seeds With Distilled Water

At the point when growing different grains, seeds, and a wide range of beans, refined will be a great deal more powerful than faucet water at sprouting. It will occur significantly more rapidly, with no sullying, and stay crisper and fresher longer.

Refined Water for Baking

The surface of heated products made with refined is smoother. Since refined is so unadulterated, more is consumed by the flour than with faucet water. The completed item will likewise have better flavor and be free of debasements. Different cakes, breads, flapjacks, and pizza are all significantly influenced by the refined water.

Canning of Fruits and Vegetables

Canning with refined water results in better tasting vegetables and products of the soil unique shading and surface will be held. Additionally, on the grounds that the water is immaculate and sterile, containers seal better bringing about a lower ruining rate.

Pasta Products

Pasta of various sorts, rice, and grains will assimilate refined water more promptly than faucet water. These sorts of items retain refined water more promptly than faucet water, bringing about better surface and less stickiness.

Got dried out Foods and Distilled Water

During the time spent getting dried out products of the soil, normally existing refined was dispensed with through persistent introduction to low warmth. So it makes sense that refined water is perfect for reconstituting it. Since refined is so immaculate, it can go through the dividers of the dried sustenance more viably than water containing inorganic matter and contaminants.

Blended Drinks

Clearly, jazzed up blended beverages tastes such a great amount of better with refined. Likewise with everything else, less liquor is required to influence the same results. Liquor will some of the time connect with huge numbers of the contaminants in faucet water, for example, chlorine, THM’s and pharmaceuticals found in most metropolitan water supplies to make hazardous mixes.

So utilize refined water in the arrangement of your next dish and be stunned at how the flavors really originated from the fixings you have included and not from some puzzle source, for example, faucet water.

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The Importance Of Budgeting When Buying Cooking Supplies

Advance planning, wise shopping and efficient food storage are the three essentials to keeping food costs down. Time spent on planning meals is time saved on shopping and cooking. Good shopping depends on knowing what to look for in terms of freshness as well as cost. Remember that the most expensive food is not necessarily the ones with the highest food value and seriously, you would not want to waste money over an expensive food when you can make one at the comfort of your own kitchen. Wise shopping is never wasted if the food is properly stored. Keeping food at the correct temperature and knowing how long it remains fresh will prevent wastage.

Most housewives know by experience how they could balance their housekeeping budget. And it is important that they budget their money well especially now that we are facing major global crisis. However, even the most experienced faces difficulty in budgeting their money if there is no careful planning done.

In creating a budget, divide the weekly food allowance into amounts to be spent on separate items such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, bread and other important grocery items. If there is extra money, keep it or you can buy other goods that can be stored in your cupboard. The stored food like canned goods will be used just in case if you ran out of food. Before you go on shopping, make sure that you have also planned the week’s menu. This includes the ingredients for specific recipes that you will be cooking. Make a detailed shopping list based on the menu plan that way you will not overspend too much on one item. Actually, an individual knows how to shop well when he is able to shop for cheap cooking supplies that are made with quality and supplies that will last for a longer period of time.

When it comes to buying fresh foods, you need to be very particular with this due to the fact that they can get easily rotten when not in use. Make sure that you buy fresh foods that you will use two or three days after. Fresh foods such as meat, fish fruits and vegetables must be stored well. Buy only those fresh types of food in small portions to avoid wastage and possible tainting of other food in the refrigerator.

For a budget wise individual, he needs to know how to manage his money and must spend the allotted money wisely. It is really not necessary to buy cooking supplies that are way too expensive especially when there are only a few who will be eating what you have prepared. Budgeting wisely is important when it comes to kitchen and cooking matters.

From budgeting all the way to shopping, an individual should use his initiative as to how he could make best dishes that will not really cost him too much. Make use of the resources around you. If you do not want to spend much over buying vegetables and fruits, you can plant one in your backyard that way you will really spend less amount on buying grocery items. It is really up to an individual as to how he uses his money wisely.

Outdoor Cooking – Safe Practices

Open air cooking is intended to be a fun and merry occasion so somewhat watchful arranging and mindfulness can guarantee that your next grill is fun, sheltered, agreeable and heavenly. In addition to the fact that you should be watchful when setting up a grill yet guaranteeing that sheltered nourishment taking care of and cooking practices are utilized is basic to your next open air occasion’s prosperity.

Flame broil Safety

At the point when cooking on a grill, hibachi, or a grill pit ensure that you and your visitors are protected. Hot coals, hot surfaces or oil flare ups can make a perilous circumstance. Whether utilizing coals or a gas flame broil you ought to know about flame security at all times. Some basic things to consider:

Ensure any outside diversions and activity ways are far from your barbecue with the goal that somebody doesn’t inadvertently push over it over or gets smoldered on a hot surface. Additionally, know about pets getting excessively close.

Make sure to utilize legitimate utensils that are sufficiently long and equipped for taking care of the heaviness of what you are cooking.

Tail all right lighting strategies climate utilizing gas or coals. Turn the gas on just when you are prepared to light and never toss lighter liquid on effectively lit coals or blazes.

Sustenance Safety

Maybe one of the greatest risks that individuals neglect is appropriate nourishment wellbeing. While setting up a grill securely is more clear in light of the fact that the threats are all the more promptly seen, sustenance conceived disease can make an uncomfortable and even unsafe circumstance if appropriate nourishment taking care of and cooking methodology are not done effectively. The difficulties of refrigeration and dishonorable cooking can make perilous sustenance for utilization rapidly and ruin your open air occasion. It starts with shopping and doesn’t end until the last extra is eaten.

Whenever shopping, make certain to buy your meats last. Use the plastic packs at the store for the crude meats and ensure they are all sacked separate from different perishables, for example, products of the soil. Drive straightforwardly home from the store and refrigerate inside two hours and surely sooner (under 60 minutes) if the outside temperature is above 90 degrees. Solidify ground meats and poultry on the off chance that they’re not going to be utilized inside 2 days and different meats inside 4 to 5 days.

At the point when transporting to an outing or even outside, ensure that the meats stay in a fridge beneath 40 degrees and keep cool until you’re prepared to cook. Keep the cooler out of direct daylight to stay away from any warm spots. Additionally, ensure that any refreshments are in a different cooler so that crude meats don’t debase drink compartments. Make sure to utilize diverse utensils and plates when taking care of uncooked meats versus taking care of cooked things for serving. Continuously wash your hands altogether in the wake of putting on the meats to cook and before taking care of the completed item.

Cook meats to their legitimate temperatures to guarantee right cooking. Utilize a quality meat thermometer and check thick divides and never almost a bone, fat, or cartilage. Inner meat temperatures are as per the following:

Poultry: 165 deg F

Ground Beef: 160 deg F

Hamburger, Veal and Lamb:

Medium uncommon 145 deg F

Medium 160 deg F

Pork: 160 deg F.

At the point when smoking meats, make certain to smoking temperatures are kept up at 250 deg to 300 deg until the inner temperatures above are come to. On the off chance that pre-cooking, ensure that you begin your last cooking soon after pre-cooking, immediately. Make sure to keep nourishments hot at 140 deg F or higher until serving. On the off chance that outside climate is above 90 def F, don’t give sustenance a chance to set out for 60 minutes. Make sure to refrigerate remains inside two hours of serving and inside a hour if more than 90 def F.

Advice To Assist You Turn Into a Great Cook!

You need to create your skills though. No matter your motivation for understanding how to cook, it really is good to possess information. Listed below are the tips that will assist you have to get started making delicious foods.

There are methods to fix your dish and you also have the ability to instantly utilize it immediately. Focus on 1 tablespoon and add a lot more until your sauce reaches the desired consistency. Mix the mixture in to the slim sauce until it thickens. Be sure to introduce the blend once your sauce appears better.

Partially frozen meat so that it gets easier to slice into slim strips easier. This technique is ideal for Asian meals such as for example Thai or Chinese meals. To guarantee the meat cooks evenly, make certain they thaw out before make use of.

You should not desire to cook the dish completely after seasoning it. Prepare a small amount in the form of a pan and flavor it first.

It is essential you have sharp knives when cooking food. Dull knives tend to be more dangerous to use plus they also make cutting points hard.

Can you feel you dispose of fruit which has gone bad? You might have wondered if it’s okay to cut right out the moldy parts. There is absolutely no two ways about any of it; rotting fruit will be unhealthful. Mold grows inward to locations that you can’t actually see and it could make you ill.

Quickly cooking veggies allows them crispier and much more nutrient-filled.Veggies which are prepared slowly lose their flavor and useful nutrients. These cooking methods have a tendency to preserve the vegetables much healthier overall. Cooking better veggies for just a short period of time possible.

Use fresh ingredients, because they make the meals more flavorful, plus they are also less expensive.

If burgers get trapped to the grill, it might be hard to get them off without busting them. Try brushing veggie oil on the cooking food surface ahead of cooking in order that food from sticking.

Oil or butter include more fat that’s often unnecessary. Try cooking food spray instead: the product will not contain anything harmful and works exactly like oil.

In case you are having people to your home to consume, keep the dressing privately, instead of pouring it on the salad. Some individuals enjoy plenty of dressing than others; allow guests pour their very own dressing. Be sure you have a broad selection to select from as well.

Keep the bone in your roast if you are pressed for period. Your meat will prepare faster as the bone transfer heat right to the inside of one’s roaster.

Eating fruit supplies for your health

Plus, they are about as nutritionally beneficial as cardboard. No wonder some people are chronic overeaters–their bodies yearn for vitamins and minerals, and they keep feeding it empty calories and foods that are nutritionally deficient. Because of this, people continue to eat more as their bodies hope that, with the next bite, they will finally find nourishment. This effort is to no avail–you’ll never find adequate nourishment in bad carbohydrates.

You will, however, find abundant nutrients in good carbohydrates, such as those found in fresh sweet fruit. Carbohydrates from fresh fruit are replete with vitamins and minerals, the very nutrients that keep you attractive and healthy. Fruit is, by far, our most perfect food. 80% or more of your calories should come from fresh sweet fruit. Eating fruit supplies you with maximum energy as it digests quickly, requiring almost no effort or energy from your body. It heals and cleanses your body, aiding in detoxification and elimination. It will not make you fat, so get this myth out of your head right now. Fresh fruit is rich in water, nutrients, and fiber. It enters your bloodstream slowly, so you will not experience the “sugar highs” and “sugar lows” associated with bad carbohydrates as long as you eat a low-fat diet.

“As long as you eat a low-fat diet.” Did you catch those important words? This brings us to our next myth about fruit. Many people think that eating too much fruit causes diabetes. Let’s get this straight right now. Sugar does not cause diabetes–fat is the culprit! Fruit digests very quickly, in 30 minutes or less. Fat digests very slowly. So when people eat a high fat diet and they eat fruit, or any sugar for that matter, the fat blocks the sugar from passing through the body. If sugar stays in the body longer than necessary, it overburdens the pancreas until it fails. The pancreas produces insulin which transports sugar to the bloodstream and to your cells for fuel. Too much fat interferes with this process and keeps the sugar inside of the body, elevating blood sugar, leading to diabetes over time. So remember, limit your consumption of nuts, seeds, and avocados. Only 10% or less of your total calories should come from fat.

It’s irritating to see how resistant people are to eating fruit. The “low-carb” craze is partly to blame for this resistance. People have been misled for too long. The “low-carb” proponents have turned people into “carb-phobics.” Until you suspend your disbelief about the benefits of eating a high fruit diet and change your accustomed view about cooked and processed foods, your health will continue on a fast track to nowhere.

As you can see from my no-nonsense, tough-love tone, I’m passionate about nutrition and dedicated to empowering you to become as healthy as you can be. I can’t impress upon you enough the importance of making fruit the most dominant food in your diet. So, right now, go to your local market, purchase a great big melon, bring it home, cut yourself an enormous piece, and enjoy every yummy bite. Then . . . go have yourself another super-sized serving.

Myths About Fruit

News streak: Forget about the “low-carb” rage. This crazy eating regimen pattern is absolute garbage. It’s a great opportunity to utilize your head, grasp your normal nature, and eat the greater part of the new sweet organic product you fancy. Sugars from natural product are crucial for giving supplements and vitality to our bodies.

You can’t get by on vegetables alone. They don’t contain enough calories or supplements to support you. You’d shrink away to nothing in the blink of an eye. Along these lines, for those of you who imagine that a crude nourishment eating routine is about eating servings of mixed greens, listen up! In the event that you need to be thin and sound, you have to eat products of the soil of it. Organic product is your essential wellspring of calories. You require satisfactory calories to survive- – don’t fear them. Recollect that, you need to be thin, not skinny.

Yes, organic product is a sugar. Yet, not all starches are terrible. Individuals frequently think the starches in organic product are hurtful as they mistake them for the unsafe, illness creating sugars in grains and refined sugar. It’s crucial that you realize which starches advance ideal wellbeing and which ones lead to heftiness and sickness. For our motivations we will examine starches as far as great sugars and awful carbs.

Terrible starches incorporate refined sugar, for example, that found in confection, pop, dessert, and baked goods. They likewise incorporate grains and grain items, for example, rice, wheat, oats, oats, flour, pasta, bread, cakes, and treats. The majority of these starches enter your circulatory system at twist speed, bringing about “sugar rushes” and “sugar lows.” This addictive rollercoaster impact causes you to eat more as you are continually attempting to keep up that “high.” These starches are additionally cooked and exceedingly prepared, so you’ll put on huge measures of weight in the event that you eat them.

Nutritional Significance Of Fruits

Fruits are a unique group of foods because they have a wide variety of types, flavors, colors, and textures. Apples and pears were grown as far back as Roman times, and in the 16th century, many types of fruit, including apricots, grapes, figs and peaches were introduced into the Europe. Relatively recent preservation techniques and modern transport facilities have increased the variety of fruit available.

Botanically, fruits are the part of the plant that carries the seeds for future generations of plants. They are often attractively ‘packaged’ by nature to encourage animals and birds to eat them and scatter the seeds.

Most fruits can be eaten raw when ripe, but they are cooked for various dishes, often by stewing them in a little water. Fruit should be cooked over a gentle heat for the minimum time. Very little water should be used as most fruits produce a fair amount of juice when cooked. This should be served with the fruit to conserve the nutrients.

Fruits are eaten mainly for their flavour1 texture, and the variety they give to the diet. Their high water content makes them refreshing, particularly’ when eaten raw.

The nutrient content varies considerably between different varieties. In general, fruits are very low in protein and fat, their main contribution to the diet being vitamins, carbohydrate, and minerals.

* Vitamins: Fruits are an important source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). However, not all fruits are good sources. The richest sources are rose hips and blackcurrants. Citrus fruits (especially oranges, lemons, and grape fruits), gooseberries, strawberries, and raspberries provide a good source. Apples, damsons, peaches, apricots, and cherries provide some. This only applies to fresh or frozen fruit, not canned or stewed fruit as heat destroys much of the vitamin C content. A reasonable amount of vitamin A is present as p-carotene in apricots, but there is very little in other fruits. Fruits do not contain any vitamin D and very little of the vitamin B group.

* Carbohydrate: Plants produce starch during photosynthesis, and, in unripe fruits, most of the carbohydrate is present as starch. As the fruit ripens, the starch is converted to fructose, and the fruit becomes sweeter in taste. Fruits are generally eaten before this conversion is complete, so they provide a mixture of carbohydrate. Fruits are a useful source of dietary fiber (NSP), which is found in the skirts, seeds, pith, and fibrous parts of the fruit. Pectin also helps to remove waste products from the body.

Mexican Cookware – Equipment Used in Mexican Cooking

Mexican cooking at home doesn’t have to an impossible task to accomplish. Try using the following kitchen equipment for the next in-home Mexican meal.

Comal: Basically, a comal is a cast iron griddle and is used without oil. It’s flat with a handle and is used for making tortillas and roasting foods that require no oil. Mexican comals also can be made of clay.

Molcajete and Tejolote: Mortar and Pestle, these are used for crushing and grinding herbs, spices and seeds. The bowl and grinder are made from porous volcanic rock and are still used today. You can also make traditional Mexican salsa in the Molcajete and Tejolote.

Prensa (Tortilla Press): A tortilla press can be metal or wood, with two hinged plates and a handle. A tortilla press is used to flatten the dough for making tortillas.

Tamale Steamer: Tamale Steamers can be purchased at any Mexican cuisine store or market or you can make one yourself. Using a large enough stock pot to fit a metal colander lined with foil in the bottom, pour about an inch of water in the pot. The foil keeps the tamales from touching the water. Place the tamales in the colander and cover with a clean kitchen towel. Cover the pot tightly with a lid.

Cazuela: a clay pot or bowl still used in Mexico today for boiling corn, stews and beans. Though many Mexican households now use Olla Express (Pressure Cooker) to make beans, they still place the beans in a cazuela for the final few minutes of cooking to give beans that authentic Mexican flavor.

Metate y Mano (Hand Grinder): This tool looks like a short 3 legged table with a concave surface about the size of a platter. A large cylinder of stone is used for grinding spices, herbs and seeds. You can also find larger versions made for sitting at. Metate y Mano is made from stone or lava rock and is still used today in many Mexican households.

Molinillo (Wood Whisk or Stirrer): This ancient tool is used to create foam in hot chocolate. Place between your hands and rotate the whisk back and forth briskly. Molinillos can be plain or highly decorated.

Olla: A bean pot made of clay. Most Olla’s are beautifully decorated and glazed. Cooking beans in an olla gives beans a far superior taste than cooking them in metal pans or even a slow cooker. Olla’s look beautiful sitting on the counter when not in use and make a great gift. Fill the pot with bags of beans and seasoning and give to your friends or relatives who love authentic Mexican cooking.

Most of the cookware mentioned above can be purchased online, in a specialty Mexican market or store.

Can’t wait to learn more about Mexican cooking? Visit Mommies Magazine for more Mexican Cooking Techniques that you won’t want to miss.